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What makes our Lemon & Lavender so popular?

Lemon & Lavender is without question the most popular UAINE year-round fragrance. The obvious reason is that it smells great but we have been wondering if there is more to it. Many people come to us looking for a fragrance that will help them relax, make them feel calmer or more romantic. Some want to be invigorated and energised and others want something to help them sleep. Scientists have been researching the appeal and benefits of candles and the use of fragrance in aromatherapy which has been utilised by humans for comfort and healing for thousands of years. What they have found is that some scents (such as citrus) invigorate and promote happiness while others (such as lavender and vanilla) have a calming, sensual effect. So, it would seem that our customers know what they’re doing when they choose Lemon & Lavender and that our combination of fresh lemon and soothing lavender not only smells wonderful but can actually make you feel better. Try it – you will love it!

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At UAINE Candles we are passionate about our soy candles, our health & the health of our environment. We use the finest quality ingredients and we are constantly experimenting with new and wonderful fragrances to provide you with a choice of beautiful,

clean, safe and healthy candles & diffusers that will enhance your spaces not overpower them.

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