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Wouldn't you love to be Nurtured

Nurture is our own, unique fragrance designed to soothe and calm and make you feel loved. Ideal for pregnant mothers, babies, people suffering from stress or illness & those of us who simply love to be nurtured.

Lavender - relieves mental stress & anxiety; helps you sleep

Bitter Orange - calming & relaxing; helps relieve anger & anxiety

Bergamot - soothes & regenerates; purifies & cleanses

Neroli - promotes unconditional love & calm

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At UAINE Candles we are passionate about our soy candles, our health & the health of our environment. We use the finest quality ingredients and we are constantly experimenting with new and wonderful fragrances to provide you with a choice of beautiful,

clean, safe and healthy candles & diffusers that will enhance your spaces not overpower them.

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