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Our wax melters have a safe operating temperature that allows your soy wax melts to gently dissolve into liquid. The Warmer's gentle temperature is warm enough to melt but not hot enough to burn your soy wax melts. This Warmer is designed to operate at a lower temperature than other similar apparatus which rely on either a naked flame or light bulb. It's an eco friendly way to scent your home or office.

  • Features

    • Operation is Safe, Simple & Convenient
    • No ongoing cost of tea lights or light bulb/globe
    • Only the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heat
    • No Water Required
    • Safe to operate 24/7
    • Quite Operation
    • Cool to the touch and will not overheat
    • Easy to Clean & Maintain

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At UAINE Candles we are passionate about our soy candles, our health & the health of our environment. We use the finest quality ingredients and we are constantly experimenting with new and wonderful fragrances to provide you with a choice of beautiful,

clean, safe and healthy candles & diffusers that will enhance your spaces not overpower them.

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