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UAINE Candles Promotion Day at Newcastle Airport April 2024


UAINE Candles has a rapidly expanding number of stockists throughout Australia. Experience the UAINE difference - 'push marketing' from our extensive subscription base to your store, locally-oriented personal support, promotion days, the potential for geographical or program exclusivity, and much more. Join our team of retailers, corporate, hospitality and real estate businesses throughout Australia and see what UAINE can do for your business.


Visit our Wholesale website to find out more & register your interest.


Real Estate & Hospitality products are designed for in-house use by real estate agents, hotels, motels, BNB's, restaurants, cafes and nursing homes or any business that has common areas, toilets or office spaces that would benefit from the fresh, natural fragrances that UAINE Candles has to offer. They are not for resale.

Products in this range come without packaging and are delivered in packs of 12 which allows better than wholesale pricing.

Visit our Wholesale website to find out more & register your interest.


UAINE Candles has collaborated with many companies to tailor candles and fragrances to suit their specific needs. Customised, co-branded candles can be used for corporate gifting or to promote your brand.

Contact our Development Manager Emily who will get back to you to explain how it works.

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