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Working at Uaine Candles was an illuminating experience filled with warmth and creativity. From day one, I was welcomed into a tight-knit team that felt more like a supportive family. The company's dedication to quality craftsmanship and sustainability truly stood out, making every day fulfilling. The work environment fostered innovation and encouraged me to contribute my ideas, which were always valued and respected.


Management at Uaine Candles truly cares about its employees, offering ample opportunities for growth and development. Whether it was through workshops, training sessions, or simply taking the time to mentor me one-on-one, I always felt supported in my professional journey.


Moreover, the passion for eco-conscious practices instilled a sense of pride in our work, knowing that we were contributing positively to the environment. Overall, my time at Uaine Candles was nothing short of inspiring, and I am grateful for the friendships made and the skills gained during my employment there.

Helena April 2024

In the Candle Cellar Door we use a High Engagement Sales Model. This immersive, interactive approach requires staff to engage with our customers, to educate them and inform them. UAINE Candles offers customers an experience rather than simply 'going to a shop'. All applicants will need initiative, a commonsense approach and a willingness to learn and develop. They will need to be well presented and truly interested in UAINE Candles products and style. 

UAINE Candles Retail Approach

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