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How To Choose A Fragrance

Choosing a candle fragrance is a very personal thing and it can be a bit tricky choosing one online. So here is some information which might make it easier for you:


UAINE Fragrances

At UAINE we are obsessed with beautiful, simple, clean, fresh fragrances. Many candle makers, in our opinion, overload their candles with too many competing fragrances creating a scent that is more akin to a perfume than a home fragrance. At UAINE we like to keep our Lifestyle fragrance range simple and pure so that when you buy our English Rose candle product it smells like roses. Our Luxury designer fragrances and our Pure Indulgence fragrances are  more opulent and complex but even then we strive for uncomplicated, natural fragrances that are sophisticated and indulgent, adding Simple Luxury to your home or office.


Where will you put it?

When choosing a fragrance firstly decide where you want it to go. Will it be for your bedroom, your lounge room, your bathroom, your kitchen or your outdoor space? Some people choose one fragrance for their entire home and others like to create a different feeling in each room - using companion fragrances. Our Pure Indulgence range features complementary fragrances that are fabulous in combination - try burning Blush with Valencia or Nurture with Provence.


Why our sense of smell is so important to us?

Our sense of smell is one of our 5 main senses and is as important to us as sight, taste, touch and hearing. Scientists have discovered that we can recall a scent with greater accuracy than our visual memory and that fragrance or smell has a strong influence on our emotions and our perceptions of happiness on a day to day basis. This concept is at the heart of our beautiful Nurture fragrance - a therapeutic blend of essential oils designed to calm, soothe, replenish, love and nurture.


Seasonal influences

The time of the year also makes a real difference to the fragrances we crave. Summer seems to beg fruity, floral fragrances like Blush, Provence and Valencia; Winter calls for warmth and fragrances like Hunter Shiraz, Winter Nights, Baroque and Almond Musk & Sandalwood; Christmas is cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cranberry; Mother's Day is English Rose, Ruby and Blush and Father's Day is Hunter Shiraz and Sandalwood.


Fragrance sensitivity

Some people are sensitive to perfumes and fragrances which can cause sneezing, difficulty breathing and even skin rashes. If you are one of those people you need to make sure you choose a 100% natural soy candle like UAINE with any of our clean, simple fragrances (Nurture is particularly good for sensitive people). You may prefer a Reed Diffuser or a Melt Warmer which gives off a gentle, subtle fragrance and requires no flame. Trial and error is the key so try a few different options and see what works for you.


The influence of fragrance on our lives

We have all experienced the effects of fragrance on our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Think of barbecued onions or freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon or the smell of a baby, cheesecake or the Australian bush. These fragrances create strong reactions in us - sometimes too strong to endure on a 24 hour basis. A home fragrance needs to be uncomplicated and pure, simple, fresh, breezy or warm. It should set the background not dominate it. 


Fragrance types

Here's some information on fragrance types. We hope it helps you decide which fragrance is right for you. If you need any extra assistance please feel free to contact us directly: 


Floral fragrances are feminine and graceful. Some floral scents are heady and robust (such as 1821) while others such as Blush and English Rose promote a gentle romantic ambience and a feeling of absolute luxury (it is also apparently a natural aphrodisiac). Floral notes are used in many perfumes and candle fragrances, either as a base (such as Cootamundra Wattle) or as a highlight like the jasmine notes in our Winter Nights candle. And of course our Nurture fragrance (with its divine Neroli) is an absolute winner in this category.

For further information or assistance

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