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Fragrance choice is such a personal thing. What works for one does not necessarily work for all. But if you need some ideas for fragrance placement we have a few suggestions. These recommendations are based on customer feedback and our intrinsic understanding of our unique fragrances and their ability to enhance and renew your personal spaces, not overpower them.



A bedroom is a private sanctuary for sleep and relaxation. We recommend soft, gentle fragrances such as Alpine Mint, Blush and Almond, Musk & Sandalwood but for those who have difficulty drifting off Nurture is a must - the combination of lavender (for calming), bitter orange and bergamot (to clear the mind) and Neroli (for unconditional love) calms, soothes and nurtures. Nurture is also great for kids rooms.

Nurture Fragrance Card.jpg
Almond Musk FC.jpg
Blush Instagram.jpg

Lounge & Living Areas

Depending on the size of your living area you can choose any of our fragrances but for a larger, more open area we recommend a more robust fragrance such as Hunter Shiraz, Ruby, Winter Nights, Figue, Bakehouse or the opulent new BAROQUE. Use a reed diffuser for continuity of fragrance and a candle for a special treat. 

Shiraz Instagram 2.jpg
Bakehouse Frag note.jpg
BAROQUE logo.jpg


Kitchens are one of our favourite areas but some ingredients, like garlic or fish, can leave an irritating lingering odour. Many of our customers swear by our Lemon Scented Gum which is unusual in its ability to soak up kitchen odours, rather than masking the smell which other fragrances do. Also popular in kitchens is the freshness of Lemon Myrtle, Alpine Mint or Flannel Flower.

Lemon Scented Gum (3).jpg
Lemon Myrtle.jpg
Flannel Flower.jpg


Bathrooms really benefit from the combination of a reed diffuser (for everyday freshness) and a complementary candle for relaxing (especially if you have a bathtub). Provence is the perfect bathroom fragrance - French lavender balances perfectly with sweet citron to calm and soothe.  Also popular for bathrooms are Valencia, French Pear, English Rose and Nurture

Provence Fragrance Card (2).jpg
Valencia Fragrance Card (1).jpg
French Pear (2).jpg

Your Office or Studio

In your office or studio you will want to feel calm, clear headed, focussed  and creative. Choose a fragrance that you are very comfortable with and one that suits your purpose (e.g. attention to detail, creativity). Fragrances that are popular for offices and studios are our new Alpine Mint,  Fresh Lime & Coconut, Sandalwood, Flannel Flower, Baroque,  English Rose and the smoky allure of Winter Nights. 

Fresh Lime.jpg
WN Fragrance Note (1).jpg
Alpine Mint.jpg

Children's Rooms

Many parents ask us about appropriate fragrances for children's rooms. In our opinion a child's room should not be over-fragranced. You should choose lighter, fresher fragrances with citrus to promote clarity and lavender for calming. We also suggest UAINE reed diffusers which provide long-lasting natural fragrance with no need to supervise.

Try Alpine Mint, Provence, Nurture or Lemon Myrtle.

These fragrances are also suitable for the elderly & infirmed

Alpine Mint.jpg
Nurture Fragrance Card.jpg
Lemon Myrtle.jpg

Pet Areas

We love our pets but even the most pampered of them can leave a lingering odour at times.  Go citrus!  Our trusty Lemon Scented Gum is  great for soaking up pet odours but customers also swear by Fresh Lime & Coconut, Valencia, Sandalwood or Alpine Mint

Fresh Lime.jpg
Lemon Scented Gum (3).jpg
Valencia Fragrance Card (1).jpg

Outdoor Areas

Our Australian Naturally candle range is ideal for the Aussie outdoors. The 50 hour travel tins are extremely portable and great for picnics, camping or barbecues and the larger ones make a stylish feature on your outdoor table (or indoors). All of the Australian Naturally fragrances are incredibly popular but if you have a problem with mosquitoes or bugs you should try our Lemon Scented Gum - a natural, safe, insect repellent - Australian Naturally!

Lemon Scented Gum (3).jpg
Coota Wattle FC (1).jpg
Lemon Myrtle.jpg

We'd love to hear from you. If you have a favourite UAINE Candles fragrance let us know which room it works in for you

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