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It's Not Called Black Friday for Nothing!

UAINE Candles is regularly called on to join in Black Friday sales. Our philosophy is to provide you with top quality premium products at fair and reasonable prices all year. And that's what we are continuing to do.

We are in part resistant as there are a lot of shonky practices going on. And we refuse to participate in them! I understand that being online (and most based overseas) can avoid Australia's Trade Practices Act which controls the extremes that seem to abound at times like this and supports the customer. By way of example, over the last two weeks, as many of you do, I have been doing market research on some products I would like to buy for the office. The price was around $250. I looked this morning and the price has gone up to $320. And shortly after I was offered a Black Friday 'deal' by the same company to buy the exact same product at 20% off, the price now being $256!! I don't know about you but I feel cheated by them and I won't be buying from all. I've been tempted to buy products online during Black Friday sales before. My set of four robot vacuum cleaners that I decided to buy for each of my family turned out to be mini robot vacuum cleaners that weren't even suitable as toys, never mind their advertised capabilities. My $1,500+ purchase was worthless and I had no way of obtaining a refund despite the false advertising and the blatant fraud committed. At least I got something for my money. I am still waiting for some items for my car from last year's Black Friday sales. OK, I got 90% off the price but I got nothing for the couple of hundred dollars I 'spent'.

I'm sure that every one of you has a similar story (or two, or three...) to tell? Unfortunately history repeats itself and unethical and untrustworthy businesses profit from our trust in them and our desire for a bargain. Now I do know that not every business participating in Black Friday is bad. And I do expect that the Black Friday organisers patrol the businesses as well as possible. But should we place our faith in such a program? It is based off the back of Thanksgiving in the USA and seems to provide an increasing opportunity for dishonest traders and scam artists. There are honest and ethical companies in Australia offering good prices all year round. And that you can trust the product will arrive and when it does is it will be as described, fit for purpose and with a claimable warranty. Those purchases will be covered by Australian laws, so you will have recourse if something goes wrong. And of course you will be keeping your money in the Australian economy, providing growth and jobs for the long term.

Of course, if you really have to get that unbelievable bargain online then please keep yourself safe. Do your research and always use an accredited gateway when sending money.

Having said all this, UAINE does make special offers from time to time and we are offering one for a good cause in the lead up to Christmas. On Friday 8 December between 5 and 9pm we are holding a Festive Christmas Shopping Night at our Candle Cellar Door in Morpeth. This is a ticketed event with the whole of the $10 entrance fee going to We Care Connect, a local charity that looks after under-privileged kids in the region. We are providing grazing plates and drinks and there will be live music. For the four hours that night guests will also receive a 20% discount on everything in the Candle Cellar Door (so it won't take much to get your entrance fee back). If you're not in the neighbourhood or can't get to Morpeth on the night you can select to make a donation through our event ticketing. And as a thank you, you too will get the 20% discount for that evening as well.

Oh...and we promise not to put our prices up first!!!

We hope to see you there.


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