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Despite everything happening in our world today...that's what it's all about!

This was recently brought home to us. Suzanne, my wife (whom many of you know), was recently suddently taken seriously ill with a life-threatening condition. She had a dissected aorta and over the last two weeks has spent the majority of her time in Intensive Care. Thankfully, she has survived (something the doctors didn't believe would be the case). Naturally this has had a significant impact on our lives. One night after visiting Suzanne in ICU (I think I was almost living there!) I was driving home and was met by a glorious sunset over Morpeth.

Arriving home I lit some of our candles (I used Nurture as it always makes me feel calmer and more in control). It didn't solve the ills of the world but I did feel that things could get better. And they have. Thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle (who, I have no doubt, saved her life - thank you, thank you - my words could not be enough) and support from family, neighbours and the kind words and thoughts from so many of you, we are looking forward to Suzanne coming home in the next few days into my care.

We are planning a few changes. Given the fragility of Suzanne while she recovers over the next 6 or so weeks, we have decided to once again temporarily close to the public UAINE's Candle Cellar Door in Morpeth and not risk COVID-19 infection being inadvertently passed to her. Instead, we will be focusing on our online shop and supplying our wonderful stockists. Visitors to Morpeth will still be able to purchase our full range of candles, reed diffusers and melts from Morpeth Pharmacy, diagonally over the road from us towards the pub. If you're further afield you can contact us through our chat line on our website and we can direct you to your nearest stockist. Online sales will still enjoy free delivery anywhere in Australia along with complimentary gift wrapping on request (there is no minimum order required). If you haven't tried it, give it a go - it's a great service. And finally, watch out for an announcement over the next few days about our new website member services. If you haven't already done so, click on 'Log In' at the top right of the home page and set up your account to start receiving some additional and personalised advantages and offers.

Thank you


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