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What Happens When You Spill a Candle?

We are often asked this question. So many people have had bad experiences when spilling candle wax, particularly with paraffin wax or soy/paraffin wax candles (so that's just about everybody!). The result can be removal of varnish from wood, and marking and scarring of surfaces. Never mind that danger of fire that a spilled paraffin wax candle presents. we decided to do an experiment to show what happens if you spill a huge amount of 100% soy wax onto a beautiful wooden varnished floor! Well, in truth, as with most spills, this was an accident. One of our wax melters leaked over 20kg of wax onto one of our candle pouring room floors (that's around 80(!) candles). Here's a picture of what we saw when we arrived this morning:

Because of the low melting temperatures of our wax, the wax quickly set on the cold floor. To remove the wax we used a plastic scraper:

Once the bulk of the wax had gone we used a mop and bucket of warm water and detergent. And then we used a cotton tea towel to polish the floor. Voila! I think that you would agree that the end result is good?

The soy wax even helps 'feed' the wood.

Living proof that UAINE products live up to our philosophy of 'do no harm'.

We don't recommend that you do this experiment at home - what a waste of 80+ candles!! We much prefer that you use our candles in line with recommended operating instructions in the knowledge that you are not only enjoying beautiful candles but are also comforted by them being the safest, healthiest, cleanest burning candles available on the market today.


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