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Easier Payment Options

UAINE has a new payment facility. We are working hard to make it easier and less confusing for you to:

  • make credit and debit card payments

  • enter in your Billing Name and Shipping Details

  • use foreign currency when buying from overseas

As before, if you have a PayPal account you can simply click on the 'Checkout with PayPal' button and you will be taken to the PayPal payment page.

If you wish to pay with a credit or debit card (and don't have a PayPal account), click on the 'Checkout' button and you will be taken to a page where you simply enter your payment details and the exact shipping address which may be different from yours if you are sending it as a gift. And don't forget WE ARE UNABLE TO DELIVER TO POST OFFICE BOXES.

We have also introduced a Currency Converter tool to the Cart page so if you are purchasing from Canada or New Zealand you can see how much it will cost in your own currency. We will be progressively introducing additional facilities for other overseas currencies to accommodate our rapidly increasing overseas markets.

We hope that you like our new Check Out option. Give it a go and see how easy it is. As always, we value your comments so feel free to comment and add to this blog.

Best regards

Andrew & the UAINE Candles Team


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