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UAINE Reed Diffusers Last Longer

UAINE Reed Diffusers typically last 6-18 months, or 9-21 months (for the larger ones)...and often significantly longer. Compare this with other commercially available reed diffusers that usually last 3 weeks to 3 months. This makes a massive difference to the value for money equation.

Value-for-Money Comparison

At around $40 for UAINE Lifestyle and Australian Naturally ranges, that's only $20 per year if they last 2 years (or $40 per year if they lasted only 12 months). For our Luxury and Pure Indulgence ranges at $49.95 that's only $25 per year if they last 2 years (or $50 per year if they lasted only 12 months).

Compare this with other reed diffusers on the market:

- Purchase price say $9.95 may last only 3 weeks (!!!) = Real cost is over $170 per year

- Purchase price say $45.00 may last only 2 months = Real cost is around $270 per year

- Purchase price say $79.95 may last only 3 months = Real cost is around $320 per year

UAINE Reed Diffusers are Beautiful

UAINE uses the same trademark natural fragrances in our reed diffusers as in our candles. 18 beautiful fragrances available across four ranges.

UAINE Reed Diffusers are Healthier

UAINE uses a non-toxic vegetable-based carrier oil to ensure maximum 'throw', minimise risks to health and last and last and last. This unique combination of our carrier oil and natural fragrances means that UAINE Reed Diffusers last as long as possible by design (rather than being designed to evaporate as quickly as possible so you have to buy a new one sooner).

Of course, always place a reed diffuser where children cannot ingest the liquid.

UAINE Reed Diffusers are Set-and-Forget

UAINE uses natural reeds rather than plastic or 'fibre' reeds (often plastic shredded and reformed to look like they are natural). Natural reeds diffuse the fragrance by saturating the sticks. With natural sticks, you don't need to turn them twice daily (as with plastic or fibre sticks) - you can turn them as often as you wish but you don't need to do so. If they haven't been turned for a couple of weeks use paper towel to wipe off any dust or turn them to get rid of the dust. If your reed diffuser is in the bathroom and you need some urgent help give them a quick turn for a fragrance boost.

UAINE has Adopted a No-Compromise Approach to Health and Safety

So you don't have to compromise your safety and health to have a beautiful smelling reed diffuser in your home at a great price.

UAINE Reed Diffusers are Great Value for Money

Australian Naturally Reed Diffusers (3 fragrances) $39.95

Lifestyle Reed Diffusers (6 fragrances) $42.95

Luxury Reed Diffusers (4 fragrances) $49.95

Pure Indulgence Reed Diffusers (5 fragrances) $49.95

Customers Say...

"...these are the best (reed diffusers) I've experienced." Anne

"These products are amazing." Nico

"These are by far the longest lasting diffusers ever!" Shelle

"The diffusers are amazing and so long lasting. I love them." Donna

"...diffusers (have) beautiful natural smells..." Regina

Where Can I Get UAINE Reed Diffusers?


162 Swan Street - UAINE's Candle Cellar Door (Thursdays to Sundays)

Morpeth Pharmacy, 141 Swan Street (Mondays to Saturdays)


Selected stockists - contact us for details of your nearest stockist (

On Line Store (

Click on the image below to shop reed diffusers and enjoy free delivery anywhere in Australia (no minimum order)


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