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Fragrance Layering

Some people like to have the same fragrance in every room and others like variety. Fragrance is such an individual thing, you could try all sorts of combinations but we've found that some naturally go together better than others. If you haven't tried fragrance layering (having two or more fragrances going at the same time) here's an idea to get you started. One of the most beautiful combinations is our Blush paired with our Valencia. Blush is a haunting combination of pink champagne, fragrant rose petals and sweet strawberries - it is delicate but lingering. Valencia is also gentle but with a zing of rich orange on a white chocolate base. Pair a Blush reed diffuser with a Valencia candle for a truly beautiful effect.

Making beautiful candles!

If you have a favourite UAINE Candles fragrance combination we'd love to hear about it. Reply to this blog and we will send you a discount code for your next online order. Best regards Andrew

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Krystal Bessant
Krystal Bessant
Jun 27, 2020

I like blush and nuture together.

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