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Thank you for your support

Since announcing our 2nd flood of the year (a burst water pipe this time) we have been overwhelmed with your offers of assistance and support. While it is quite devastating to have been hit again so soon, we know that what we are doing is worthwhile when we read your comments.

The good news is that we are ready to open the Candle Cellar Door again today from 12.30pm until around 4.00pm Come on down to Morpeth if you get the chance.

One nice benefit from having to be closed on Saturday and Sunday was that we were able to take the time to visit the beach with our dogs and family who had come to stay for the weekend. We wandered around until sunset and enjoyed this magnificent view, returning home rested and envigorated.

Remember our online sale continues today until midnight. Take advantage of the 20% discount while you can, along with our Free Delivery anywhere in Australia and gift wrapping on request. code: weekend

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Regards Andrew

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